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Lexis and Legis Law Associate is new emerging and fast growing law firm based in Kathmandu with its working units all over Nepal having international client in the jurisdiction of United States, Canada, Australia, India, England, Europe, and many countries. It provides to almost all important facets of laws in different jurisdictions and specializes in Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Corporate Laws, Designs, Litigation and Arbitration in all courts and Tribunals. We work in all Quasi-Judicial bodies and stakeholder bodies to achieve our client’s goals. We are team of professionally managed by Attorneys, providing global legal services on 24 x 7 basis.

The underlying belief of the firm is to provide incredibly reliable, quality and prompt services at a low cost. A timely right advice could save a lot of time, efforts and costs for a client. This is where the firm utilizes its expertise and experience in creating value for its clients.
The firm takes a pride in declaring that it gets huge work time and again from its existing clients. And the firm attributes its success to its fundamental policy of growth of its members and associates.

We communications with the client’s very well and every stage and scope of work is well-defined and made known to the client, well in advance.

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One of The Best Law Firms in Nepal.

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